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Words form a story. Whether it a hard-hitting news story about bomber Eric Rudolph, or an original tall tale told to children, or a new way to view the Bible through a study of the plants within. Verna Gates shapes words to bring her audience with her into other worlds: the reality of breaking news, the cool, shady home of a rare plant, or the side-splitting antics of Renegade Squirrels and Other Nut Cases. As a speaker, her clever humor and sly wit are sure to captivate any audience.

As a result of her work, she has won numerous national awards as a journalist and for her work with wildflowers and storytelling, her home state has named her One of Alabama's Unforgettable Faces and an Alabama Treasure.

Commentator - Listen to recordings of Verna's travel show called the Wacky Tacky Traveler: Tales from the Road. The four minute segments air every other Tuesday around noon on Troy State Pubic Radio which serves from Shelby County (just south of Birmingham) through Montgomery, Alabama, down through the Florida Panhandle and into Columbus, Georgia. The show will soon be available to other NPR stations.

CD coverOrder Verna's CD - Get your very own copy of Verna's humorous collection of tall tales, personal stories, and just plain lies. Order Renegade Squirrels and Other Nut Cases and start laughing today!

Schedule A Speaker - Verna's topics range from the History of the World through Flowers to squeaky-clean humor programs perfect for any group.

Journalist - Verna has published more than 600 articles in a variety of publications. She writes regularly as a Reuters International Wire Service reporter.

An Ethnobotanist - Verna teaches as a visiting professor at Miles College. She has appeared on NBC NightSide, Voice of America, Pulse of the Planet, National Public Radio in Canada and numerous other media as an expert on plant lore.

Nature Lover - A long-time nature lover, Verna is also the founder and executive director of the Fresh Air Family, an Alabama group dedicated to outdoor education. This organization partners with outdoor groups around the state to coordinate activities for families of all kinds, from singles to nuclear families. So far the group has gone caving, hiking, canoeing, birding, and seining in the marshes of Dauphin Island. Visit visit www.freshairfamily.org to join this free organization or to participate in some of their activities.


Verna Gates Receives National Lifetime Achievement Award (9/12/09) San Antonio, Texas --- Citing the difficulties of journalism: from being ousted from a corporate headquarters, to being threatened with lawsuits, arrest, and bodily harm, Verna Gates accepted a lifetime achievement award from the National Federation of Press Women. Gates has covered topics ranging from bomber Eric Rudolph, church arsonists, Ten Commandment public display challenges, environmental injustice, corporate corruption and features such as Internet dating and travel. The Communicator of Achievement Award is presented annually to journalists based on professional achievement, community service and service to the organization. The top award winner was American icon, internationally syndicated lifestyle columnist Heloise, with Gates the runner-up.


Read an article about Verna in the Feb/Mar 2014 issue of AAA Alabama Magazine . . .

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